Is there a way to reserve a campsite at the Bluegrass Campgrounds?

No, there are no designated sites like at most commercial campgrounds. Sites are issued on a first come first serve basis.

What is the physical address of the Bluegrass Campgrounds?

You can find the physical address at the Getting Here  Tab located on the Home Page. A word of caution, Google Maps and other devices do not always supply the correct directions. For that reason we have included maps and written directions that we hope you will find helpful. You can always call and we will help guide you to the campgrounds.

Does the campgrounds have showers and toilets?

Yes there is a permanent shower house located on the campgrounds and each year we have several Port A Potties that are cleaned/emptied on a regular bases.

When does the campgrounds open?

Sunday, July 21st is when campers start to come. You will be charged the daily rate for your site each day the camper is on location. Once the campers start to arrive there are campfires and jamming and different places to shop and explore in the area. 


Festival Ticketing and Wristbands

Disclaimer: All sales made at the Festival are final. We cannot exchange/refund any purchases made at the festival. Exchanges for items purchased at the Festival can only be made at the Festival.  

  • Can I purchase tickets prior to the festival starting?
    • At this time you may only purchase your tickets in person, starting July 21st at the festival grounds.
  • What is the cost of festival entrance and camping?
    • Click here to be referred to our pricing information.
  • Will tickets ever run out?
    • At this time, no. Our grounds are so large that we have yet to fill to capacity.
  • What is included with the purchase of a festival ticket?
    • While length of stay varies by ticket, everyone will have access to the festival venue, concession stand, and parking for your vehicle. Overnight camping guests have access to a shower house with four heated shower stalls.
  • Can I upgrade my single day ticket to a multi day pass?
    • If you are able to provide proof of purchase and pay the difference in cost, we will upgrade your day pass at our discretion.

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