About The Festival

Backbone Bluegrass

For 38 years, Backbone Bluegrass has been bringing the good ol' music to the Clayton County hillsides. Our festival ground is located just to the east of Backbone State park on 20 acres of leased land. Showers and concessions can be found on-site and countless old growth shade trees offer relaxing respite from the hot July weather.

Throughout the years, there have been major names playing their hearts out, and every year we are gifted with the smaller family bands as well. In conjunction with Strawberry Jam Camp, the first act on our stage each year are the wonderful musicians who have spent the week practicing their instruments with our renowned musical instructors.

Ticket pricing for the festival are as follows;

  • Weekend Ticket, $45
  • Friday Ticket, $20
  • Saturday Ticket, $25
  • Saturday Night Ticket, $20
  • Sunday Ticket, $15

Festival Rules and Regulations

  • No drugs of any kind.
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • Alcohol is allowed in cans, no glass bottles please.
  • Please use provided garbage storage facilities and keep your campsite clean. 
  • Pets are welcome, but must remained confined or on a leash for the entirety of the festival. Consider the weather before bringing your animal to the festival. 
  • Transporting firewood into the campground brings the potential of invasive species and is therefore discouraged. Please purchase local firewood on your way to the festival
  • Smoking is prohibited in concert areas. Please use consideration when smoking on the festival grounds and remove yourself from group settings. 

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